Backyard Comes to Life after Home Addition

A homeowner wanted to build out a new deck in Richmond for his home, which currently had a very large backyard that was being under-utilized because there wasn’t much of a patio. The owner of the house had paved a small patio space out of the rear back door, which would fit perfectly with a deck above it. We scheduled a consultation with the homeowner, so we could see the backyard and the area where the homeowner wanted the deck. We also wanted to discuss the various deck options available.

We met with the homeowner the following day and we discussed the many benefits of composite, vinyl, or wood decking. Along with an attractive exterior space, the maintenance is very low for all of these types of decks. The homeowner selected the composite decking, because it comes in different colors, but still showcase the hardwood richness. We measured the area, then gave the estimate to the homeowner. He was ready for us to get started on the new deck installation as soon as we could.

Deck Builder Project is Underway

We scheduled the deck installation for two days later and our crew arrived bright and early to get this project started. We were very thankful that the sun was shining and there was no rain in the forecast for the entire week. The crew started digging the holes for the posts, then placing the piers. The joists were then attached to the house, and the crew then started making the base of the deck, so the decking boards could go into place correctly. The crew worked non-stop until all the boards were in place, and while half of the crew worked on adding the railings the other half of the crew started making the steps to the deck. The custom deck built to the homeowner’s preferences, then the crew sealed the deck with a wood preserver. The wood preserver will protect the deck from fading or water damage. By the end of the afternoon, we had the deck installed and looking beautiful.

Here is a shot of some of our finished richmond deck builder work

The crew cleaned up the area and all the debris once the project was completed and was packing up when the customer came home from work. We let him know that his deck was installed and he went inside the house to look it over. He came out and said that he was highly impressed with the way it turned out. He said it looked better than he imagined it would and he couldn’t wait to have his family and friends over for a barbecue so he could show off his new custom deck built by the best deck builder in Richmond, Smallwood Renovations. We are just pleased that we provided another homeowner in Richmond with a deck that they could be proud of and enjoy for many, many years.