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Having a well-built deck will accent your home and add value to your property, and this is why homeowners always turn to Smallwood Renovations for their deck contractor in Powhatan. We are the deck specialists in the area, and take pride in our superior workmanship and products. We have been providing customized decking and roofing for over two decades. We offer a wide range of services to our customers in the area.

New Deck Installer and Exterior Services

Our services include:

  • Deck Contractor
  • Deck Builder
  • New Deck
  • Deck Installer
  • Composite Deck
  • Wood Deck
  • Deck Repairs
  • Roofer
  • New Roof
  • Roof Repairs
  • And much more…

We provide composite, wood, and vinyl decks that are nearly maintenance free. We use only the best materials for all of our decks and roofing. If you want more information on all of our exterior remodeling services, please give us a call.

Powhatan, Virginia

Powhatan is a community that in unincorporated in Virginia. The community was once known as Scottville, which was named after General Charles Scott a Revolutionary War hero, but Powhatan was changed and named after Chief Powhatan, which was the father of Pocahontas. The community was established in 1777 and Powhatan Plantation is still in the community, which was built in 1735. The population is 28,046 and this charming community has beauty, relaxation, and excitement.

here is a nice image of some of our completed powhatan deck contractor work


Outdoor enthusiasts will be right at home in this community. The Powhatan State Park is ideal for fishing, boating, kayaking, camping, walking the trails, and horseback riding. There is a two mile float that is ideal for canoeing and kayaking at the park. This state park has events throughout the summer months, so if you are visiting during the summer, then make sure you attend one of the events.

History buffs can see Robert E. Lee’s last camp in this community. The Powhatan Driving Tour is great way to see the civil war sites, the historic homes and churches, and many other exciting spots in the community. There is also many different historical markers to see too. The tour takes about three hours and it is one of the best ways to actually see everything that this community has to offer.

The Fine Creek Brewery is the only farmhouse brewery in the community. The Fine Creek Brewery has daily tours where visitors will get the chance to taste all the beers that are being brewed in the brewery. This is a new brewery that will be making their grand opening in April of 2017. You will want to make sure that you stop by the Fine Creek Brewery and meet some of the locals, then enjoy the beer tasting and tours that is provided.

Smallwood Renovations is the decking and roofing expert that homeowners in Powhatan contact for all their exterior renovation needs. Contact us today so we can assist you.


Replacing the Old with the New

We received a call from a client that wanted to completely redo their old deck. It was in very bad shape, and one of the support beams looked very unstable. We first had to completely remove the old deck (without damaging the exterior of the home). Then we placed a new foundation that would fit their current patio and did a new deck installation in Powhatan that was a much better match for their current exterior décor.

the deck builder project was scheduled

The crew arrived at the home and began removing the old deck. The crew removed each board very carefully so there was no damage to the home. Once the crew had the old deck removed, they began digging new post holes. The posts were placed into the holes, then concrete was added to keep the posts in the ground securely. The crew set the first joists for the deck, then they attached them to the house. Once all the joists were firmly in place the crew started installing the decking boards. Each board was cut precisely, then laid into place until the decking floor was completed.

A nice shot of a finished Powhatan deck builder job

The crew then started working on installing the railings. Once the railing was installed and in place, the crew made the stairs that would lead up to the deck. The deck only required a few stairs and it didn’t take the crew long to get this done. The crew returned the following morning to add the stain to the deck. The stain would repel all water and liquids along with providing a nice finished look to the deck for the customers. The crew then laid a new foundation right off of the new deck and we were able to get the job done one day ahead of schedule.

Once the deck was stained the crew let the homeowners know that the deck was completely done. The homeowners came out to look at the newly built deck. When they saw it completely finished they both said it really looked great! The homeowners said they were sure glad that we removed the old deck because they were starting to get worried that someone would get hurt on it soon. The new foundation and deck are exactly what the customers wanted and they said they couldn’t wait to put their patio furniture back out because they just purchased it a couple of weeks ago.

A week later the customer called us to let us know that they had a big barbecue at their home to showcase their new deck. They said that everyone thought the deck enhanced their home and backyard and everyone loved it.