Increasing Living Space and Home Value!

One of the neighbors in our area had won a nice windfall from the lottery, which they decided to wisely invest in their home. They wanted to build out a new deck in Rockville off the back of the house so that they could have better barbecues, and were thinking of later adding a DIY fire pit. They called us initially because we were the closest deck builder in Rockville, but after our estimate (and receiving a few others) they were convinced we were the best outfit for the job.

We met with them at their home to see the backyard space and get their ideas and preferences that they intended for their deck installation. We went over the decking options with the homeowners. We showed them the benefits of composite, wood, and vinyl decks along with their relevant features and drawbacks. The customers were looking for an appearance of natural wood, and the composite decking was the choice that they decided to go with. This was partly because there is very little maintenance, no sun fading, and the wood won’t scratch or stain. The couple was also wanting an environmentally friendly deck, and this was the best choice for them.

The New Deck Installation Begins

We went over the design and gave the couple the estimate, which they were pleased with. They scheduled us to start first thing Monday morning, and thankfully the sun was shining and the crew was ready to get started. The crew started digging the post holes, then placing the anchors once the deck poles were securely in place. The crew did the framing, then started placing the deck woods into place. The railings, the under trim, and a wrap-around steps were added as the couple requested.

A shot of our work as a deck builder in rockville

The final step was applying the conditioning to the deck, so it would resist the sun fading and be water resistant. The crew did all the final adjustments, then started the cleanup, so the backyard would look better for the customers than it did when we arrived. We informed the couple that their new deck was done and ready for their next barbecue. They were excited to see the completed deck.

The homeowners came out to look at their new customized deck and they both said it was absolutely perfect. They said that they were very happy that they selected Smallwood Renovations as their Rockville deck builder, because not only did we meet their expectations, but we exceeded their expectations too.

We received a call from the homeowners a few weeks after we built their deck and they just wanted to say that all their friends and family members were impressed with our new deck. They couldn’t thank us enough for providing them with the deck of their dreams.