Kitchen Extension Turns Out Great!

A couple of months ago, we got a call from a homeowner who wanted a very small deck built off their kitchen to have an outdoor cooking area that would easily transition from indoors. It was a bit of a non-standard job, but we were able to give them a few estimates for the proposed Chesterfield deck builder job. The homeowners were really happy with the look and feel of one of our designs, which included real wood that would match their house perfectly and hired us to start building their deck.

The deck builder project was about to start

The crew arrived at the Chesterfield residence on time and ready to start this project. The crew began getting the ground level and prepped for the new deck. The crew started digging the post holes, then they mixed the concrete mixture to place in the holes along with the posts, so the posts would be secured into the ground. Once all the posts were secured into the ground, the crew began to place an anchor, then the joists were ready to be installed. When the joists have been attached and nailed in the crew began applying the decking boards. Each of the decking boards was successfully added, then the crew began building the steps for the deck.

We finished this Chesterfield deck builder project on time

The steps were a breeze to build and attach to the deck for the crew. The final step for the project was applying a wood preserver. The crew began applying the wood preserver to the entire deck, railings, and steps. The crew let the first application dry thoroughly, then added an additional coat. The wood preserver will protect the deck from fading from the sun along with protecting the wood from splitting, cracking, and absorbing any water. Our crew let the homeowners know that the deck was completed to their specifications and they could use it anytime. The homeowners were very pleased with how the deck turned out.

Once we had the deck build out for them, they outfitted their new patio space with a new huge grill and an outdoor smoker. The customers had already invited their friends over for a cookout on Saturday as they were very proud of the new outdoor space and deck that we had created for them. The customers called the office a week later to let us know that we would be receiving a few more customers because all of their guests at their barbecue was very impressed with the deck and outdoor space that we had built for them and their friends wanted to have one like it at their homes too. The customers told them to give us a call because we were the best deck builders in Chesterfield.