New Three Season Leads to Even More Projects

One of our clients, whom we had installed a new deck for in the past, called us to see if we could put a three season porch onto the existing one. We had made accommodations for this when we initially installed the deck because the customer had wanted this as part of the original design. We assured them that it would be no problem, and we’re glad to work on something that we had already done a great job on in the first place. We gave them an approximate estimate on the three season porch, and we were scheduled to start the project Monday morning.

New Deck Builder Job Begins Without Delay

The Manakin Sabot deck contractor crew arrived at the home and started installing the footings on the deck, and once the concrete pads for the base of the footings were set the crew started adding the framing. The crew places all the framing into place, then they started adding the walls. When the walls are correctly into place, the crew started working on the roof that would go above the deck. The roof would be attached to the home’s existing roof and then built out.

This homeowner was very happy with our work as a deck contractor in manakin-sabot

The rafters and ridge boards were put into place, then the crew started installing the windows and the door for the three season porch. The crew then installed the exterior siding that would match the home exactly. The crew started at the base of the porch, then worked their way upwards until all the vinyl siding was in place.

As some of the crew members worked on the siding, the remaining crew members worked on installing the electrical outlets that the clients had suggested. At the end of the week, the crew had the three season porch installed and ready to be enjoyed by the client. The client walked through the space and said it was exactly what he and his family was wanting and needing.

It was kind of funny, but each day as the crew worked one of the neighbors sat on his deck watching every move that we made. He never approached the crew until the very last day as we were packing up to leave. He ended up asking if his deck could be transformed into a three season porch, too, because he was highly impressed with the craftsmanship that each of our crew members possessed.

He also told us that he was impressed with the short time that it took to create such a beautiful addition to his neighbor’s home. We let the neighbor know that we could provide similar services for his home, and our crew went to inspect his deck. We then gave him an estimate that he was pleased with. It’s always great to get new business on the merits of quality past work!