Old Deck Replaced Efficiently

Several weeks ago we got a call from a new homeowner that wanted to get rid of the old deck on their fixer-upper. The homeowner explained that the deck was pretty much completely broken down, and they wanted it replaced with something basic functional, and durable. We let the homeowners know that we indeed could meet their needs with our Ashland deck contractor crews, and we scheduled a complimentary consultation so we could look at the area where the old deck was. In order to continue with the process we would need to see where the new deck would be placed along with showing the homeowners different options available to them.

Deck Builder Estimate Provided

Our deck construction specialists arrived at the Ashland residence and were immediately greeted by the homeowners. They led us out to their deck, which was indeed in terrible shape and needed to be removed. We went over deck options with the couple, which included composite decks, vinyl, and wood decking.

A nice picture of a finished ashland deck builder project

The couple decided to go with the vinyl decking because we could match the new vinyl siding that they had just installed at the home. It was also easy to maintain, and the flat-grain surface provided slip resistance, so there would be less risk of guest slipping and falling on the deck when they entertained their neighbors and friends. We gave the homeowners the estimate, which they were pleased with, and they scheduled the job to start first thing Monday morning.

The crew arrived Monday morning, and they were all happy to see that the sun was shining and there was no rain in the forecast for the entire week. The crew first started by removing the old dilapidated deck piece by piece. Once the old deck was removed the crew started to make sure the ground was level before they dug the holes for the wooden posts. Once the holes were dug, the wooden posts were placed in, then the crew added to concrete to ensure the posts would be secured into the ground. Beams were then added, then the floor boards were installed.

After the floor boards were installed, the crew built the stairs, then they started adding the railings. Finally, the skirt boards were installed to the framed sides. The crew was able to have the deck completely installed within two days, which impressed the homeowners.

Once the deck was installed, the homeowners came out to look it over. The couple told us that they couldn’t believe how beautiful the deck had turned out, and it made their backyard look amazing. The crew let the customers know that the deck is backed with a twenty-five-year warranty, and that if they had any problems to just give us a call so we could return and take care of it.