Three Season First Requires Repairs

Recently, we were contacted by a customer who wanted to turn their current deck, which was in a state of slight disrepair, into a three-season porch for an outdoor feel right off of their kitchen and living room. We scheduled a complimentary consultation with the customer for our Glen Allen deck builder services, so we could see the current deck and provide options and solutions.

We Gave Them A Deck Installation Estimate

Our experts arrived at the residence, where the customer showed us their current deck. It was indeed in disrepair, but the footings and foundation of the deck were in pretty good shape. The floor of the deck was level and solid, which only needed some minor deck repairs. We went over roofing options, wall options, and asked the customer if they wanted insulation and lighting (so the three season room could be used year round). The homeowner’s already had plans for the furniture they wanted to use, so we matched what they wanted for the overall design.

We were able to provide different styles that would match and go along with the décor of their present kitchen and living room. The homeowners were pleased with the estimate, and we were scheduled to start on this project in one week.

We were the qualified deck contractor in Glen Allen for this home

Our exterior renovation specialists arrived at the home and immediately started constructed the three season porch. The crew made the necessary repairs to the current deck that was needed, then the crew started adding the new Mountain Cedar wood decking floors that the homeowners requested. All of the options that they wanted were added. Our crew returned each morning and worked all day long until they had the project completed. We were able to get the job done two days ahead of schedule, which the homeowners were really excited about.

Each evening the husband or the wife would come out and see what our crew had accomplished, and each day they said that the project was coming along quite well. Once the deck and three season porch were completed and revealed to the homeowners, we could tell immediately that they were pleased with the work that we had provided for them. The couple said they had wanted to have this done for many years. They were both very happy and thrilled with the end result. They were already planning on where they were going to place all the furniture and how they were going to have an open house to showcase their new outdoor space that they could use any time of the year, and no matter what the weather conditions would be.

At the end of the day, Smallwood Renovations provided another exception and one-of-a-kind three season porch that adds functionality, beauty, and value to their home.