Replacing the Old with the New

We received a call from a client that wanted to completely redo their old deck. It was in very bad shape, and one of the support beams looked very unstable. We first had to completely remove the old deck (without damaging the exterior of the home). Then we placed a new foundation that would fit their current patio and did a new deck installation in Powhatan that was a much better match for their current exterior décor.

the deck builder project was scheduled

The crew arrived at the home and began removing the old deck. The crew removed each board very carefully so there was no damage to the home. Once the crew had the old deck removed, they began digging new post holes. The posts were placed into the holes, then concrete was added to keep the posts in the ground securely. The crew set the first joists for the deck, then they attached them to the house. Once all the joists were firmly in place the crew started installing the decking boards. Each board was cut precisely, then laid into place until the decking floor was completed.

A nice shot of a finished Powhatan deck builder job

The crew then started working on installing the railings. Once the railing was installed and in place, the crew made the stairs that would lead up to the deck. The deck only required a few stairs and it didn’t take the crew long to get this done. The crew returned the following morning to add the stain to the deck. The stain would repel all water and liquids along with providing a nice finished look to the deck for the customers. The crew then laid a new foundation right off of the new deck and we were able to get the job done one day ahead of schedule.

Once the deck was stained the crew let the homeowners know that the deck was completely done. The homeowners came out to look at the newly built deck. When they saw it completely finished they both said it really looked great! The homeowners said they were sure glad that we removed the old deck because they were starting to get worried that someone would get hurt on it soon. The new foundation and deck are exactly what the customers wanted and they said they couldn’t wait to put their patio furniture back out because they just purchased it a couple of weeks ago.

A week later the customer called us to let us know that they had a big barbecue at their home to showcase their new deck. They said that everyone thought the deck enhanced their home and backyard and everyone loved it.

Replacement Project Leaves Home in Great Shape

Not too long ago we got a call from a retired doctor that wanted to have his old, very shabby deck replaced with something that would also serve as a home addition. We gave them a quote on a three season porch that would extend out onto a deck, which could be furnished with outdoor couches or a grilling and dining area. He loved the idea of being able to throw barbecues, so he went ahead with our Mechanicsville deck contractor proposal.

The retired doctor was ready for us to start on his new deck in Mechanicsville and his three season porch. We let him know that we could start on the project first thing the following morning, which was great news to him.

The new deck was being built

The crew arrived bright and early the following morning, and they were all thrilled to see that there wasn’t a cloud in sight, but a fantastic sunny day. The crew first began removing the old deck. The crew removed each board and nail and placed it in the dumpster that we provided. The crew then started working on the three season porch.

This was a great job to finish as a Mechanicsville deck company

The customer had requested that each wall of the porch would have UV protected windows from the top of the ceilings to the floor of the porch. The floor and walls were built, then the roof was built and applied. The new UV protected windows were safely installed, and every detail that was requested by the customer was fulfilled by the crew.  It took a full week to get the three season porch built, then the crew began building the new deck that would be extended from the porch. The crew worked from the sun up to the sun down until the deck was fully built. The crew only had to stain the deck, which they were planning to do on the following day. The stain on the deck matched the exterior of the home perfectly.

The crew knew they were doing a good job because the retired doctor watched them work each day as he had nothing going on since he was fully retired. The customer came out when he saw that the crew was done with the project. The customer thanked them all for doing an outstanding job. The customer said that he had already ordered new outdoor living room furniture for the three season porch and even purchased a new grill that he would be putting on the deck. The customer said he appreciated the hard work that each of the crew possessed doing his project and he was very proud of the new deck and three season porch. He was already planning his first barbecue for the following weekend, so he could show off the newly added space to his home to his friends and family members.

Kitchen Extension Turns Out Great!

A couple of months ago, we got a call from a homeowner who wanted a very small deck built off their kitchen to have an outdoor cooking area that would easily transition from indoors. It was a bit of a non-standard job, but we were able to give them a few estimates for the proposed Chesterfield deck builder job. The homeowners were really happy with the look and feel of one of our designs, which included real wood that would match their house perfectly and hired us to start building their deck.

The deck builder project was about to start

The crew arrived at the Chesterfield residence on time and ready to start this project. The crew began getting the ground level and prepped for the new deck. The crew started digging the post holes, then they mixed the concrete mixture to place in the holes along with the posts, so the posts would be secured into the ground. Once all the posts were secured into the ground, the crew began to place an anchor, then the joists were ready to be installed. When the joists have been attached and nailed in the crew began applying the decking boards. Each of the decking boards was successfully added, then the crew began building the steps for the deck.

We finished this Chesterfield deck builder project on time

The steps were a breeze to build and attach to the deck for the crew. The final step for the project was applying a wood preserver. The crew began applying the wood preserver to the entire deck, railings, and steps. The crew let the first application dry thoroughly, then added an additional coat. The wood preserver will protect the deck from fading from the sun along with protecting the wood from splitting, cracking, and absorbing any water. Our crew let the homeowners know that the deck was completed to their specifications and they could use it anytime. The homeowners were very pleased with how the deck turned out.

Once we had the deck build out for them, they outfitted their new patio space with a new huge grill and an outdoor smoker. The customers had already invited their friends over for a cookout on Saturday as they were very proud of the new outdoor space and deck that we had created for them. The customers called the office a week later to let us know that we would be receiving a few more customers because all of their guests at their barbecue was very impressed with the deck and outdoor space that we had built for them and their friends wanted to have one like it at their homes too. The customers told them to give us a call because we were the best deck builders in Chesterfield.

Installation Proceeds With No Problems

We got a call from a homeowner  who wanted to have a new deck in Henrico installed at their home. They were thinking of having some hardscaping done in the backyard, and had some pretty specific design plans in mind. We asked the homeowners if we could schedule a complimentary consultation, so we could see the space and go over their design plans, then give them a quote. The homeowners agreed and asked us to come out two days later in the afternoon.

A few of our professional designers and deck builders arrived at the Henrico home on the day that was requested by the homeowners. The homeowners showed us where in their backyard they wanted the deck built and installed, then they started telling us a few of the designs that they were considering. We looked over their design, and were able to present a three season porch that would match the exterior of their home and the intended new patio space. We offered several different options that would improve the new outdoor living space and that would also go along with their design plans too. The homeowners were quite impressed with our design and deck building knowledge and hired us on the spot for their new deck and outdoor living space.

The deck installation was scheduled to start.

The homeowners set up the date and time that they wanted the deck installation to start. Our professional crew arrived at the residence on time as scheduled. The crew started building the deck. The crew got the ground prepped, leveled, and ready for the deck joists to be installed, then one by one started laying the boards. As the deck was nearly completed, the crew then started working on the three season porch. The crew worked each day non-stop, then returned bright and early the following day. It took the crew nearly a week to get the project completed, but our crew was still able to get the project done two days ahead of schedule.

We served this house as their Henrico deck contractor

The crew made sure at the end of each day to clean up the working area. Our crew never leaves a mess for our customers. The crew informed the customers that their deck and outdoor space was completed and asked them to come out and take a look at what we had created for them. The customers were really happy with the whole process and also loved their deck and outdoor living space now that it was completely finished. The customers thanked our crew for doing an outstanding job and for incorporating some of their design with the build. They agreed together that we are the professional deck builders in Henrico and they were both very happy with our work.

Repairs Completed, Improvements Made

A client called us needing help with some basic deck repairs in Midlothian. After a bad storm a few months ago, a tree branch had fallen on their deck, which had broken part of the railing and cracked a part of the deck surface. We let the client know that we could handle this without much of a problem, and would like to come out to inspect the damages and provide them with an estimate.

Deck Contractor Estimate Provided for Needed Repairs

The client said that would be great to have us out, but he didn’t get off of work until 4:00 pm, and wouldn’t be home around 4:30 pm, and we let him know that we would meet him at that time. The team pulled up at the Midlothian home at the same time that the homeowner did and he walked us around to the backyard to take a look at his deck.

A really nice shot of our finished Midlothian deck company projects

The team looked over the deck and let the homeowner know that we could repair the railing and the deck surface. The team then suggested a refinishing on the deck to add strength to it against future bad weather conditions. This sounded great to the homeowner, so we gave him an estimate and scheduled the deck builder work to start Wednesday morning, which he was happy with.

The team arrived Wednesday morning and they started removing the damaged and cracked boards on the surface of the deck, then replacing them with new boards. Then, the crew removed the damaged railings and replaced them with new ones. Once all the repairs were made to the deck, the team refinished the entire deck, railings, and steps. The finish we used will repel water and harsh weather conditions along with supplying strength and durability to the deck. The team was able to get these repairs done in just a few hours, then they cleaned up the job site quickly and efficiently.

The customer must have been impressed with our deck repairs, as he called the office the next day to thank us for doing an outstanding job. He said he couldn’t believe that by the time he returned home from work the deck was repaired, refinished, and was looking fantastic. The customer told us that he would be sure to let his friends, family, and coworkers know all about the superior deck repairing services that we had provided for him.

We were happy to hear such nice words from a happy customer, and it is always our goal to exceed the expectations of our customers. He also noted that the price was very affordable, too. The customer continued to say that he hoped no more bad storms came through, but he does feel more comfortable knowing that the refinishing should avoid cosmetic damage in the future.

New Three Season Leads to Even More Projects

One of our clients, whom we had installed a new deck for in the past, called us to see if we could put a three season porch onto the existing one. We had made accommodations for this when we initially installed the deck because the customer had wanted this as part of the original design. We assured them that it would be no problem, and we’re glad to work on something that we had already done a great job on in the first place. We gave them an approximate estimate on the three season porch, and we were scheduled to start the project Monday morning.

New Deck Builder Job Begins Without Delay

The Manakin Sabot deck contractor crew arrived at the home and started installing the footings on the deck, and once the concrete pads for the base of the footings were set the crew started adding the framing. The crew places all the framing into place, then they started adding the walls. When the walls are correctly into place, the crew started working on the roof that would go above the deck. The roof would be attached to the home’s existing roof and then built out.

This homeowner was very happy with our work as a deck contractor in manakin-sabot

The rafters and ridge boards were put into place, then the crew started installing the windows and the door for the three season porch. The crew then installed the exterior siding that would match the home exactly. The crew started at the base of the porch, then worked their way upwards until all the vinyl siding was in place.

As some of the crew members worked on the siding, the remaining crew members worked on installing the electrical outlets that the clients had suggested. At the end of the week, the crew had the three season porch installed and ready to be enjoyed by the client. The client walked through the space and said it was exactly what he and his family was wanting and needing.

It was kind of funny, but each day as the crew worked one of the neighbors sat on his deck watching every move that we made. He never approached the crew until the very last day as we were packing up to leave. He ended up asking if his deck could be transformed into a three season porch, too, because he was highly impressed with the craftsmanship that each of our crew members possessed.

He also told us that he was impressed with the short time that it took to create such a beautiful addition to his neighbor’s home. We let the neighbor know that we could provide similar services for his home, and our crew went to inspect his deck. We then gave him an estimate that he was pleased with. It’s always great to get new business on the merits of quality past work!

Increasing Living Space and Home Value!

One of the neighbors in our area had won a nice windfall from the lottery, which they decided to wisely invest in their home. They wanted to build out a new deck in Rockville off the back of the house so that they could have better barbecues, and were thinking of later adding a DIY fire pit. They called us initially because we were the closest deck builder in Rockville, but after our estimate (and receiving a few others) they were convinced we were the best outfit for the job.

We met with them at their home to see the backyard space and get their ideas and preferences that they intended for their deck installation. We went over the decking options with the homeowners. We showed them the benefits of composite, wood, and vinyl decks along with their relevant features and drawbacks. The customers were looking for an appearance of natural wood, and the composite decking was the choice that they decided to go with. This was partly because there is very little maintenance, no sun fading, and the wood won’t scratch or stain. The couple was also wanting an environmentally friendly deck, and this was the best choice for them.

The New Deck Installation Begins

We went over the design and gave the couple the estimate, which they were pleased with. They scheduled us to start first thing Monday morning, and thankfully the sun was shining and the crew was ready to get started. The crew started digging the post holes, then placing the anchors once the deck poles were securely in place. The crew did the framing, then started placing the deck woods into place. The railings, the under trim, and a wrap-around steps were added as the couple requested.

A shot of our work as a deck builder in rockville

The final step was applying the conditioning to the deck, so it would resist the sun fading and be water resistant. The crew did all the final adjustments, then started the cleanup, so the backyard would look better for the customers than it did when we arrived. We informed the couple that their new deck was done and ready for their next barbecue. They were excited to see the completed deck.

The homeowners came out to look at their new customized deck and they both said it was absolutely perfect. They said that they were very happy that they selected Smallwood Renovations as their Rockville deck builder, because not only did we meet their expectations, but we exceeded their expectations too.

We received a call from the homeowners a few weeks after we built their deck and they just wanted to say that all their friends and family members were impressed with our new deck. They couldn’t thank us enough for providing them with the deck of their dreams.

Old Deck Replaced Efficiently

Several weeks ago we got a call from a new homeowner that wanted to get rid of the old deck on their fixer-upper. The homeowner explained that the deck was pretty much completely broken down, and they wanted it replaced with something basic functional, and durable. We let the homeowners know that we indeed could meet their needs with our Ashland deck contractor crews, and we scheduled a complimentary consultation so we could look at the area where the old deck was. In order to continue with the process we would need to see where the new deck would be placed along with showing the homeowners different options available to them.

Deck Builder Estimate Provided

Our deck construction specialists arrived at the Ashland residence and were immediately greeted by the homeowners. They led us out to their deck, which was indeed in terrible shape and needed to be removed. We went over deck options with the couple, which included composite decks, vinyl, and wood decking.

A nice picture of a finished ashland deck builder project

The couple decided to go with the vinyl decking because we could match the new vinyl siding that they had just installed at the home. It was also easy to maintain, and the flat-grain surface provided slip resistance, so there would be less risk of guest slipping and falling on the deck when they entertained their neighbors and friends. We gave the homeowners the estimate, which they were pleased with, and they scheduled the job to start first thing Monday morning.

The crew arrived Monday morning, and they were all happy to see that the sun was shining and there was no rain in the forecast for the entire week. The crew first started by removing the old dilapidated deck piece by piece. Once the old deck was removed the crew started to make sure the ground was level before they dug the holes for the wooden posts. Once the holes were dug, the wooden posts were placed in, then the crew added to concrete to ensure the posts would be secured into the ground. Beams were then added, then the floor boards were installed.

After the floor boards were installed, the crew built the stairs, then they started adding the railings. Finally, the skirt boards were installed to the framed sides. The crew was able to have the deck completely installed within two days, which impressed the homeowners.

Once the deck was installed, the homeowners came out to look it over. The couple told us that they couldn’t believe how beautiful the deck had turned out, and it made their backyard look amazing. The crew let the customers know that the deck is backed with a twenty-five-year warranty, and that if they had any problems to just give us a call so we could return and take care of it.

Three Season First Requires Repairs

Recently, we were contacted by a customer who wanted to turn their current deck, which was in a state of slight disrepair, into a three-season porch for an outdoor feel right off of their kitchen and living room. We scheduled a complimentary consultation with the customer for our Glen Allen deck builder services, so we could see the current deck and provide options and solutions.

We Gave Them A Deck Installation Estimate

Our experts arrived at the residence, where the customer showed us their current deck. It was indeed in disrepair, but the footings and foundation of the deck were in pretty good shape. The floor of the deck was level and solid, which only needed some minor deck repairs. We went over roofing options, wall options, and asked the customer if they wanted insulation and lighting (so the three season room could be used year round). The homeowner’s already had plans for the furniture they wanted to use, so we matched what they wanted for the overall design.

We were able to provide different styles that would match and go along with the décor of their present kitchen and living room. The homeowners were pleased with the estimate, and we were scheduled to start on this project in one week.

We were the qualified deck contractor in Glen Allen for this home

Our exterior renovation specialists arrived at the home and immediately started constructed the three season porch. The crew made the necessary repairs to the current deck that was needed, then the crew started adding the new Mountain Cedar wood decking floors that the homeowners requested. All of the options that they wanted were added. Our crew returned each morning and worked all day long until they had the project completed. We were able to get the job done two days ahead of schedule, which the homeowners were really excited about.

Each evening the husband or the wife would come out and see what our crew had accomplished, and each day they said that the project was coming along quite well. Once the deck and three season porch were completed and revealed to the homeowners, we could tell immediately that they were pleased with the work that we had provided for them. The couple said they had wanted to have this done for many years. They were both very happy and thrilled with the end result. They were already planning on where they were going to place all the furniture and how they were going to have an open house to showcase their new outdoor space that they could use any time of the year, and no matter what the weather conditions would be.

At the end of the day, Smallwood Renovations provided another exception and one-of-a-kind three season porch that adds functionality, beauty, and value to their home.

Backyard Comes to Life after Home Addition

A homeowner wanted to build out a new deck in Richmond for his home, which currently had a very large backyard that was being under-utilized because there wasn’t much of a patio. The owner of the house had paved a small patio space out of the rear back door, which would fit perfectly with a deck above it. We scheduled a consultation with the homeowner, so we could see the backyard and the area where the homeowner wanted the deck. We also wanted to discuss the various deck options available.

We met with the homeowner the following day and we discussed the many benefits of composite, vinyl, or wood decking. Along with an attractive exterior space, the maintenance is very low for all of these types of decks. The homeowner selected the composite decking, because it comes in different colors, but still showcase the hardwood richness. We measured the area, then gave the estimate to the homeowner. He was ready for us to get started on the new deck installation as soon as we could.

Deck Builder Project is Underway

We scheduled the deck installation for two days later and our crew arrived bright and early to get this project started. We were very thankful that the sun was shining and there was no rain in the forecast for the entire week. The crew started digging the holes for the posts, then placing the piers. The joists were then attached to the house, and the crew then started making the base of the deck, so the decking boards could go into place correctly. The crew worked non-stop until all the boards were in place, and while half of the crew worked on adding the railings the other half of the crew started making the steps to the deck. The custom deck built to the homeowner’s preferences, then the crew sealed the deck with a wood preserver. The wood preserver will protect the deck from fading or water damage. By the end of the afternoon, we had the deck installed and looking beautiful.

Here is a shot of some of our finished richmond deck builder work

The crew cleaned up the area and all the debris once the project was completed and was packing up when the customer came home from work. We let him know that his deck was installed and he went inside the house to look it over. He came out and said that he was highly impressed with the way it turned out. He said it looked better than he imagined it would and he couldn’t wait to have his family and friends over for a barbecue so he could show off his new custom deck built by the best deck builder in Richmond, Smallwood Renovations. We are just pleased that we provided another homeowner in Richmond with a deck that they could be proud of and enjoy for many, many years.

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