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It is important to have a beautiful and functional deck at your home. It will provide an outdoor living space that you can enjoy with your family and friends along with increasing the value of your home. For these reasons Virginia homeowners always contact our company for all their deck installations and new decks in Mechanicsville. We have over two decades of experience. We thrive on providing exceptional customer service along with the best products. We provide our customers in Mechanicsville with a variety of services to meet all their needs.

Deck Company Services Offered

Some of our top home exterior services include:

  • Deck Contractor
  • Deck Installation
  • Deck Builder
  • Composite Deck
  • Wood Deck
  • Deck Repairs
  • Roofing
  • New Roof
  • Roof Installations
  • And so much more…

We are the decking and roofing contractor that you can depend upon. We stand by all of our work because our team has years of experience and training, and because we use superior products on all of our projects.

Mechanicsville, Virginia

Mechanicsville is a thriving city with a population of 36,348. The nickname for the city is “The Ville”. During the 17th century the area was beginning to be settled by the English colonists. Mechanicsville has a lot of exciting things to see and do. This city offers beauty and relaxation, along with excitement.

Smallwood renovations did this mechanicsville deck builder job

The Beaver Dam Creek Battlefield is one of the places to go in the city to learn about the history. The Battle of Beaver Dam Creek started on June 26, 1862. The battlefield has been preserved and visitors can visit the site at the Beaver Dam Creek Battlefield. The Gaines Mill Battlefield is another place in the city full of history. The “Watt House” is where a portion of the battlefield has been preserved where the Seven Days Battles occurred.

The Crystal Hill Gardens is the ideal location to just take in the beauty of nature. The Crystal Hill Gardens was established in 1995 and the land was once the Civil War grounds, but now it has been transformed into beautiful flowers. You and your family can walk through the gardens and see the hundreds of flowers growing here. Another place to do some outdoor events is at the Cold Harbor National Battlefield Park. You and your family can go hiking, see some exhibits, and enjoy the history that this park has.

This city is home to some of the best restaurants in Virginia. The Riverbound Café is known to have the best burger while Calabash Seafood serves up the best seafood in the city. Downtown is the heart of the city for dining and shopping. Whatever you and your family is looking for, this city has that and more.

Smallwood Renovations is a deck contractor and roof installer in Virginia. We can improve the appearance of your home while providing you with a new deck or roof that will last you and your family for many years. Contact us today to set up an in home consultation.

Replacement Project Leaves Home in Great Shape

Not too long ago we got a call from a retired doctor that wanted to have his old, very shabby deck replaced with something that would also serve as a home addition. We gave them a quote on a three season porch that would extend out onto a deck, which could be furnished with outdoor couches or a grilling and dining area. He loved the idea of being able to throw barbecues, so he went ahead with our Mechanicsville deck contractor proposal.

The retired doctor was ready for us to start on his new deck in Mechanicsville and his three season porch. We let him know that we could start on the project first thing the following morning, which was great news to him.

The new deck was being built

The crew arrived bright and early the following morning, and they were all thrilled to see that there wasn’t a cloud in sight, but a fantastic sunny day. The crew first began removing the old deck. The crew removed each board and nail and placed it in the dumpster that we provided. The crew then started working on the three season porch.

This was a great job to finish as a Mechanicsville deck company

The customer had requested that each wall of the porch would have UV protected windows from the top of the ceilings to the floor of the porch. The floor and walls were built, then the roof was built and applied. The new UV protected windows were safely installed, and every detail that was requested by the customer was fulfilled by the crew.  It took a full week to get the three season porch built, then the crew began building the new deck that would be extended from the porch. The crew worked from the sun up to the sun down until the deck was fully built. The crew only had to stain the deck, which they were planning to do on the following day. The stain on the deck matched the exterior of the home perfectly.

The crew knew they were doing a good job because the retired doctor watched them work each day as he had nothing going on since he was fully retired. The customer came out when he saw that the crew was done with the project. The customer thanked them all for doing an outstanding job. The customer said that he had already ordered new outdoor living room furniture for the three season porch and even purchased a new grill that he would be putting on the deck. The customer said he appreciated the hard work that each of the crew possessed doing his project and he was very proud of the new deck and three season porch. He was already planning his first barbecue for the following weekend, so he could show off the newly added space to his home to his friends and family members.