ProVia Replacement Doors
in Richmond, Virginia

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At Smallwood Renovations we install entry, patio and storm doors that will better insulate your home and provide maximum security. For all doors, transoms and sidelight replacements we use ProVia's high quality door products.

Exterior Door Types




Our Trusted Manufacturer

Rated #1 for quality products by Remodeling Magazine, ProVia is set apart from the competition by their relentless commitment to the details, best summarized by their mission statement: "To serve, by caring for the details in ways others won't"

We're proud to offer their products and partner with a company dedicated to excellence both in their internal processes and in their products.

The Value of Custom Doors

When you buy a door through Smallwood Renovations, you have unparalleled freedom to create a door that suites your home, and your needs.

  • Customize door measurements down to an eight of an inch.
  • Choose the shape and style of windows, and add decorative glass.
  • Pick out security oriented hardware.
  • Add grids.
  • Choose operating direction, in-swing or out-swing.


Interlocking weather stripping and CornerShield™ keep moisture, wind and dirt out of your home, by creating an ultra effective seal. Bulb and dual blade sweep underneath the door prevents cold air from slinking in.

Draft Protection   

Glass Packages

There are many different levels of ComforTech™ glass offered by ProVia, all helping to protect your home against condensation, defend against UV damage and protect against solar heat gain. Additionally, use privacy or art glass in entry doors to curate the perfect amount of light and privacy.

From 20-gauge security plates to multi-point locks to electronic key pads, the ProVia doors have every kind of security you need. Choose between a solid door, or use privacy glass in windows to create a home that feels safe.

Security Hardware