The Trex Outdoor Lighting system uses long-lasting, energy efficient LEDs. Additionally, with the option to use motion controls, timers, and dimmers, the system that Smallwood Renovations offers allows for unparalleled control. Take control of your outdoor spaces by adding lighting to stair risers, railing post caps, and on posts for the most beautiful and accessible outdoor space.

Customize Your Trex Lighting System

The Best Part of choosing Trex Lighting is the freedom to pick and choose a customized lighting solution. Layer different kinds of light on a deck or choose just enough to light the way.

Post Cap Lights

Post cap lights blend in seamlessly with the railing, and provide downward facing light. Perfect for lighting the way on porches and decks, post cap lights work well on their own or paired with riser lights. Add rail post lights for even more visibility.

Choose from Aluminum or Composite post caps, matching your Trex Transcend or Signature railing.

Rail Post Lights

Rail post lights point downwards to give an indirect glow on the decking below. Available in the rounded Deck Rail Light shape, or the angular Wedge Deck Rail Light, these Trex lighting elements lend themselves to a luxurious glow.

Finally, both kinds of rail post lights are available in Charcoal Black, Bronze, or Classic White.

Stair Riser Lights

Easily the most popular lighting style, riser lights sit almost flush with the stair risers. Consequently, the light that radiates light up the stairs directly. These riser lights are great for anyone looking to make their deck or porch more accessible at night time.

In addition, riser lights are beautiful, and give outdoor spaces a uniquely warm look. Choose from Charcoal Black, Bronze or Classic White.

Recessed Deck Lights

Recessed deck lights sit flush with the actual decking boards. Durable and bright, this form of lighting works well to light up walkways. Likewise, they accentuate the surrounding decking and adds a warmth that suits hosting and spending long hours in outdoor living areas.


Add lighting to any Trex deck or railing project.


Add lighting to any front, screen, or covered porch project.


Add Trex lighting to any Trex deck or railing.


Add Trex lighting to any front, screen, or covered porch.