Replacement Windows
in Richmond, Virginia

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At Smallwood Renovations, we install high quality replacement windows tailored for Central Virginia's cold winters and hot summers. All vinyl or wood windows offered through our Ohio based manufacturer, ProVia, meet the EPA's strict ENERGY STAR certification requirements.

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High Quality Materials, Expert Craftsmanship

ProVia windows are rated #1 for quality products by Remodeling Magazine. ProVia is set apart from the competition by their relentless commitment to the details, best summarized by their mission statement: "To serve, by caring for details in ways others won't."

We're proud to offer their products and partner with a company dedicated to excellence both in their internal processes and in their products.

With over 100 years of collective experience on our team and hundreds of completed window installations in central Virginia, we are qualified to complete any and all window replacements.

As an EPA Lead-Safe certified company, we are equipped to tackle your window replacement, regardless of the age of the home. Reach out today to talk to our qualified staff about any and all window concerns!

Unbelievable Innovation

Insulation and glass technology are like never before. The ProVia windows that we install are ahead of the competition, increasing your home's curb appeal and limiting energy consumption.

Glass Packages

There are many different levels of ComforTech™ glass offered by ProVia. All protect your home against condensation, defend against UV damage and protect against solar heat gain.

Gone are the days of aluminum reinforcements, replaced with high performance INNERGY thermal reinforcements that add insulating properties that are up to 700 times more energy efficient.

INNERGY Thermal Reinforcement


Neopor is modern insulation that increases the R-value of vinyl windows by deflecting heat with the premiere graphite polystyrene foam insulation.