Installation Proceeds With No Problems

We got a call from a homeowner  who wanted to have a new deck in Henrico installed at their home. They were thinking of having some hardscaping done in the backyard, and had some pretty specific design plans in mind. We asked the homeowners if we could schedule a complimentary consultation, so we could see the space and go over their design plans, then give them a quote. The homeowners agreed and asked us to come out two days later in the afternoon.

A few of our professional designers and deck builders arrived at the Henrico home on the day that was requested by the homeowners. The homeowners showed us where in their backyard they wanted the deck built and installed, then they started telling us a few of the designs that they were considering. We looked over their design, and were able to present a three season porch that would match the exterior of their home and the intended new patio space. We offered several different options that would improve the new outdoor living space and that would also go along with their design plans too. The homeowners were quite impressed with our design and deck building knowledge and hired us on the spot for their new deck and outdoor living space.

The deck installation was scheduled to start.

The homeowners set up the date and time that they wanted the deck installation to start. Our professional crew arrived at the residence on time as scheduled. The crew started building the deck. The crew got the ground prepped, leveled, and ready for the deck joists to be installed, then one by one started laying the boards. As the deck was nearly completed, the crew then started working on the three season porch. The crew worked each day non-stop, then returned bright and early the following day. It took the crew nearly a week to get the project completed, but our crew was still able to get the project done two days ahead of schedule.

We served this house as their Henrico deck contractor

The crew made sure at the end of each day to clean up the working area. Our crew never leaves a mess for our customers. The crew informed the customers that their deck and outdoor space was completed and asked them to come out and take a look at what we had created for them. The customers were really happy with the whole process and also loved their deck and outdoor living space now that it was completely finished. The customers thanked our crew for doing an outstanding job and for incorporating some of their design with the build. They agreed together that we are the professional deck builders in Henrico and they were both very happy with our work.