Available Window Replacement Styles

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At Smallwood Renovations, we offer many window styles to suit every customer’s wants and needs. No matter the style, our replacement windows are engineered to meet Energy Star’s requirements and offer the lowest U-Factor ratings and Solar Heat Gain Coefficients, perfectly suiting the needs of a Central Virginian home. Our windows also provide some of the lowest air infiltration ratings on the market. Combined with NEOPOR® rigid thermal insulation main frames and triple weather stripping, ProVia replacement windows allow you to experience dramatic savings on heating and cooling costs by protecting against the elements.

We are able to meet all of your window needs, from simple window replacements to projects as big as a cut out on an existing solid wall. Choose your line of window from one of ProVia’s finest: Endure, Aeris or Ecolite.

Double Hung Windows

Time-honored design merges with 21st century innovation in our double hung replacement windows. Dating back to 18th century New England, Double Hung Windows have been the most popular American residential window for more than 300 years. This window’s staying power is due to its attractiveness and its convenient design, which allows it to be opened from the top or bottom. Our ProVia replacement windows take the ease of use even further, with sophisticated technology that lets you tilt each sash into the interior of your home when cleaning. A fiberglass structural core makes our double hung replacement windows extraordinarily durable, guaranteeing peak performance year after year.

Our double hung windows are available in a vast array of frame materials that include vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and wood. All come in a variety of color and veneer options that blend seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Of course, the glass inside the frame is just as important. That’s why all our double hung replacement windows provide more visible glass area than other competitive brands. Supplemental options can be added to help preserve your pristine views with minimal effort.

Picture Windows

Enjoy the versatility and stunning look of your new Standard Picture and Casement Picture windows. The signature design of picture windows allows maximum glass area for superior viewing. Our replacement picture windows also come with a coved interior glazing bead for traditional design lines. Comfort comes standard with your new picture windows, and you will be comfortable no matter what the season, so you can finally say good-bye to unwanted drafts.

Casement Windows

Perfect casement replacement windows keep bad weather and loud noise outside of your house, while allowing natural light to filter in. Our home remodeling company offers elegant casement replacement windows, featuring polyurethane insulated main frames and three continuous seals of weather stripping, for some of the industry’s lowest air infiltration rates, not to mention some effective soundproofing. Choose from vinyl, fiberglass, composite, or wood window frames as well as myriad color and glass combinations for a truly customized, long-lasting, and visually appealing solution. Not only are casement replacement windows energy efficient, they’re easy to operate. Our flip nesting handle lets you open the window to a full 90-degree angle with less effort than other models and controls up to three locking points for added security. Crank them open for fresh air, or close them when you hear the roll of thunder in the distance. Smallwood Renovations offers supplemental options to be added to help preserve a pristine viewing area that’s larger than our competitors.

Awning Windows

Awning windows, like casement windows, crank open and closed to let fresh air in, or keep noise out. While casement windows are tall and require ample wall space, awning windows are ideal for the smaller areas of your home, above the kitchen sink, in the bathroom, or in the mudroom. An awning window can also be combined with a double hung or casement window at the top or bottom. With a low-profile, full flip nesting handle, our awning windows require less effort to operate than other models. Three locking points along the window provide better security and more peace of mind. And, with more viewing area than the industry average, you’ll get better views, too. No matter your décor, we have a solution that will blend in seamlessly. Our vast selection includes vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and wood awning windows, customized with our signature colors and supplemental glass options.

Slider Windows

Though classic in appearance, our sliding windows are shining examples of advanced window technology, gliding open to instantly bring the outdoors inside. With just a light touch, these windows move effortlessly on their tracks to open and close on a dime. Lift-out sliders with dual brass rollers and a stainless-steel axle deliver top-notch performance year after year. Our sliding windows have a signature narrow-line design that increases the glass area and delivers views that are larger than our competitors. Maintain your pristine panorama with lift-out and swing-in sashes that allow unprecedented ease in cleaning. Whether you prefer vinyl, fiberglass, composite, or wood, we have an option that will meet your design requirements as well as our high standards for performance. Customize your sliding replacement windows with your own glass and color combination that fits in flawlessly with your décor.

Geometric Windows

Make your home stand out while framing its best views with our unique Special Shape windows. A narrow line design creates a viewing area that’s larger than the industry average, letting in an abundance of natural light. Special Shape windows come in many styles, including full circle, circle top, circle top with extended legs, eyebrow, eyebrow with extended legs, octagon, trapezoid, pentagon, quarter round, and triangle. Special Shape windows are available in an assortment of colors and woodgrains, relieving you from having to paint or stain surfaces. Choose from supplemental options like insulated glass or self-cleaning glass. Whether you’re seeking vinyl, fiberglass, composite, or wood windows, we’ll deliver a custom solution that fits your vision and your existing décor.

Garden Windows

Our attractive Garden windows frame your favorite outdoor area in glass while providing the perfect spot for growing plants and flowers. These windows feature a viewing area that’s larger than the industry average. Easy-to-reach handles operate two trapezoid Casement windows with sashes that open away from the home to allow the breeze in. All of our Garden windows include an adjustable-height glass shelf for displaying botanicals or keepsakes. Garden windows come in a wide array of materials, from vinyl to fiberglass, composite, and wood. Optional Laminate seat boards are also available by request. Choose your ideal combination from our many signature colors and glass options for a look that blends seamlessly with your décor.

Bay Windows

At Smallwood Renovations, we are proud to offer high-quality Bay Window replacement. These stunning windows add space to your room with the addition of a bench area. Fill it with plants, books, and photos, or keep it clear so you can sit down on a bay window seat and enjoy the unparalleled view out. With our window installation, bay windows come in 30, 45, 60, and 90-degree angles to fit your space. The seat boards, headboards, and side panels are all manufactured from furnituregrade, 1⅛ inch-thick oak veneer plywood (versus the ¾ inch-thick industry standard). ProVia’s bay windows come in many colors and glass options and are constructed of vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and wood. These low-maintenance options allow you to match your bay window to the rest of your home without the hassle of staining or painting.

Bow Windows

Watch the seasons change with panoramic views of the outdoors that are larger than the industry average. With our home improvement services, our beautiful Bow windows capture your home’s best vistas while offering total design versatility. Choose from 3, 4, 5, or 6 equal lites surrounding a bench that lets you sit and enjoy the scenery. All bow windows are constructed of vinyl, fiberglass, composite, and wood for superior durability and performance. Laminate surfaces save you the trouble of painting and staining and come in five different finishes. Supplemental options can be added to help preserve your pristine views with minimal effort.